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The Business Owners Consulting Group was founded in 1979 by Robert J. Baker and Jeffrey C. Susbauer.  Learn more about the founders below.

In Memoriam, Robert J. Baker, Jr., Ph.D. (1938-2014) - Co-founder of the strategic planning course, husband, father, grandfather, scholar, author, entrepreneur, coach, mentor, strategist, friend to many, missed by all.

Robert J. Baker, Ph.D. was president of Venture Resources International, Inc. and co-founder of Business Owners Consulting Group.  Bob was a full-time consultant to closely held businesses throughout the United States
and served on the boards of several growth companies. He was formerly a technology and intellectual property transfer specialist for the Battelle Memorial Institute (patents/technical development/licensing). His focus was on strategic positioning, developing sustainable competitive advantage, producing top industry financial performance, often employing innovation driver approaches, and facilitating the strategic planning of his clients. Many times he became a key advisor to the CEO, supporting important business decisions in choosing and developing the management team and developing the organization for the future – “promoting”/developing the CEO to the true CEO job content while permitting him/her to balance his/her life and future stock ownership and CEO transitions.

Jeffrey C. Susbauer, Ph.D. is president of Growth Strategies, Inc., and co-founder of Business Owners Consulting Group. He is Associate Professor Emeritus and former Chair of the Department of Management and Labor Relations in the Monte Ahuja College of Business at Cleveland State University. He was also the Director of the Master of Labor Relations and Human Resources program and Interim Director of the Health Care Administration MBA program. He is an active consultant to closely held businesses and serves on the boards of five closely-held firms.

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